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Part of the renowned Goldsmiths’ Company, our internationally-recognised leopard’s head hallmark guarantees the quality of precious metal content for the benefit of manufacturers, importers, retailers and consumers. We test and hallmark jewellery and silverware in line with full UK regulations, and provide unparalleled customer care and service.

A hallmark must include certain elements, including a sponsor’s mark (also known as a maker’s mark or name mark). This unique symbol provides a traceable link to the source of an article. The UK Hallmarking Act 1973 requires a new sponsor’s mark to be registered at an assay office before hallmarking can commence. It comprises a combination of two to five letters enclosed in a surrounding shield. Different shield designs are available to allow sponsors with the same initials to be distinguished.

The sponsor’s mark is registered for a period of ten years after which time it can be renewed. In addition to our standard registration we also offer special hallmarking packages for students on precious metal courses in the UK, to help and encourage them upon entering the industry.

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